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Featuring six different types of premium caviar, each with its own unique taste and texture, you'll be able to savor the best that BitNile and Yarra Valley have to offer. From the classic Russian Osetra flavors of the BitNile Blue Label and Black Label, to the luxurious Golden Russian Osetra in the BitNile Gold Label, to the creatively infused Yarra Valley caviars, with flavors of Smoked, Gin and Sake, you'll discover a new world of caviar taste with each bite.

Included in this exclusive set is everything you need to fully enjoy your caviar experience. The delicate mother of pearl caviar spoon and plate will preserve the flavor of your caviar and provide a stunning presentation. Serve your caviar with the included Crème Fraîche, and enjoy with a slice of cold smoked salmon, making it the perfect addition to any charcuterie or hors d'oeuvres platter.

Don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your caviar game and treat yourself to the ultimate in luxury and flavor. Order your Caviar Experience today!

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    Bitnile Market

    The Ultimate Caviar Experience

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    Immerse Yourself In The Rich, Velvety Flavors Of The World's Finest Caviar With Our Caviar Bundles


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    • 1.02 oz BitNile Blue Label Caviar (Classic Russian Osetra
    • 1.02 oz BitNile Black Label Caviar (Premium Russian Osetra
    • 1.02 oz BitNile Gold Label Caviar (Golden Russian Osetra
    • 1.02 oz Yarra Valley Infused Caviar (Smoked)
    • 1.02 oz Yarra Valley Infused Caviar (Gin)
    • 1.02 oz Yarra Valley Infused Caviar (Sake)
    • Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon
    • Mother of Pearl Caviar Plate
    • Crème Fraîche
    • Sliced Cold Smoked Salmon
    • Belini
    • Free Overnight Shipping

    Size: Serve 2 people
    Size: Serve 2 people

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